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HarryAdney Internet Services

Edgley Park, Ellers Lane

West Burton


North Yorkshire


Email: martin@harryadney.co.uk

Website: http://harryadney.co.uk/

Landline: 0113 815 1986

The company came about after an observation the owner made whilst on holiday: many small businesses don't update their websites very often. We all know how important regular updates are to search engine rankings, which directly inputs on website hits, which in turn, relates to sales.

Market research showed that the number one reason, perhaps not surprisingly was that website owners often don't have time to update their website. Serving customers, buying stock, having meetings, etc all took precedence over web work. The danger with not keeping your website updated is that search engines, notably Google, penalise websites which appear to be "abandoned". Keeping your site fresh with new content, special offers, news, etc, shows the search engines that your site is viable and should have a higher ranking than competitors' sites which haven't been updated as often.

Another reason for sites not being updated regularly was that many site owners felt they didn't necessarily have the right skillset to be able to update their site quickly and efficiently.

So after discussion with a few soon-to-be clients HarryAdney Internet Services was born with the aim of providing clients with a wide range of internet-related services from a smart office in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

We aim to bring you affordable website design, development and management services. We will liaise with you or your company representative on a regular basis to discuss your forthcoming updates, leaving you and your staff free to do what you got into business for: sell your products and services and make money! And all at very attractive prices. (By the way, ask about discounts for full payment, when you get in touch with us!)

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